Butterflies to look out for on your land

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Submitted by Gavin on 11th May 2021 at 21:05

Butterflies associated with old pasture, meadow and marshy land have been in sharp decline for some years.  That's partly due to habitat loss and partly due to factors which are not well understood, like increasing atmospheric nitrogen deposition, and the increasing distance between remaining habitat patches.

We still have a few known sites for these now-rare species in the Blackdowns, but some are undoubtedly going undetected.  You may have them on your land without realising it!

During May, June and July please take the time to go and look carefully on any old, flower-rich wet or rough grassland or marshy land on your holding - and let us know what you find!  

In particular the following species are most threatened:

Marsh Fritillary

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Duke of Burgundy

Marbled White

Brown Hairstreak

Picture shows a Marsh Fritillary

Marsh Fritillary (upperwing) - Iain Leach