The Blackdown Hills Rough Grazing Association is a landowner-led local group for managers of rough, wildlife-rich grazing land.

Its aim is to promote the active management of this characteristic type of land in the Blackdown Hills, to optimise its commercial value while enhancing its wildlife.

The Association pursues its aim by encouraging owners and managers of rough, wildlife-rich land to communicate with each other, to share experience and to learn together.

The Association is independent of all agencies and external organisations and is run by local people, for local people.  It is a constituted group with a small committee, with all members either owning rough land, being responsible for managing it, or having an interest in it.

Joint Chair:  Charlie Hopcraft and Graham Salmon

Secretary:  Jane Garlick
Treasurer: Russell Batchelor
Committee: Gavin Saunders, Chris Davis, Sarah Machin, David Allen